How I started wire wrapping

How I started wire wrapping

     Hi and welcome to my first blog post and hopefully to many more. How I got started in wire wrapping is kind of a me falling into it when I didn't even know I wanted to. I started making jewelry again and loving it. I was just doing simple and I saw this gorgeous stone wrapped, I wanted it. Sadly it was gone before I could even inquire about. That right there had me ordering books and going on youtube. 

      So the end of November had me ordering stones, wire and so much more. I have come to love the art of wrapping, knowing my stones and so much more is the best. I want to bring my love of stones, crystals and putting them together to make beautiful to you.

       In the upcoming days, weeks, and months I will bring you a series of blogs explaining different types of stones, there meanings and there properties. I hope you come to love this series along with other things I will be bringing to my shop. Not just my jewelry but insight into the gorgeous stones I will be bringing into to show you. 

Blessed be, 



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